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4-H Clubs

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What is 4-H Clubs?

Join 4-H Clubs and use your hidden talents to serve. Find a group of two or three friends and start a club doing what you love. 4-H clubs are very flexible. Volunteers choose the days and times of club meetings. Two to three club volunteers will serve 10-15 youth ages 8-18 years old. Volunteers use their talents and interests to teach youth new skills (sewing, art, coding, name it!). 4-H Clubs are perfect for everyone!

How do I get involved?

Go to the "Contact Info" tab and text any of the numbers listed. We can also be reached at We look forward to meeting you!

Volunteer Commitment:

Volunteers will serve between 1-3 hours each week.


Please complete this mandatory 20-minute child protection training before you begin working with the children.


Available by email at

Gabby Usevitch, Executive Director

(480) 570-0271

Raquel Wilson

(385) 236-9738

Hayden McAffee

(937) 689-4946

Presley Kersten

(503) 896-9946

Jordan Moore

(503) 931-9181