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Female students read books to young girls

Early Learning Essentials

What is Early Learning Essentials?

Classroom Volunteers: Early Learning Essentials volunteers promote school readiness by assisting pre-school aged children of low-income families to enhance their social and cognitive development. Volunteers typically assist in the classroom by reading to the children and playing games with them

Foreign Language Volunteers (not required): If you are a foreign language volunteer, there will be an additional training required to be instructed on dual-language teaching styles and techniques that will be implemented in the classroom. This training will be scheduled when you’ve been in contact with one of our Program Directors.

Foreign Language Interpreting (not required): In the fall of each year, Early Learning Essentials does assessments of the children's cognitive abilities. Many times the assessors and the children/parents cannot communicate efficiently due to language barriers. Volunteers can sign up to help bridge this gap and help the children on their path to a successful education.

How do I get involved?

For more information or to start volunteering, please send an email to headstart@byu.edu.

Please complete this mandatory 20 minute child protection training before you begin working with the children.


The second you walk into the classroom, the kids make you feel like you’re a celebrity. The kids don’t necessarily come from the most ideal circumstances so they just need to know that they are loved and that there are people who care. It’s a neat experience to be able to fulfill that role for them and to have so much fun doing it!

-Megan Holbrook


Available by email at earlylearning@byu.edu
or at the phone numbers below:

Colter Miller, Executive Director
(208) 709-3117

Trevor Murphy
(208) 715-0475

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