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Service Dates

What is Service Dates?

This program helps students incorporate service into their dating life. Bring a date, friend, or spouse to monthly on-campus service activities. Each completed project benefits community agencies ranging from public schools to LDS Humanitarian Services. 

We have monthly activities that are typically on Friday nights or Saturday mornings.

Please email or text us to find out more!

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How do I get involved?

To get involved, contact the program directors by phone or by email at servicedates@byu.edu.


We had a Christmas activity where we made Christmas decorations for the children's wing of the nearby hospital. I was blown away by the number of volunteers we had! We filled an enormous bag with decorations. The volunteers were so excited to be a part of the activity and they all did an amazing job. When we went to the hospital to drop off the decorations, the lady at the volunteer desk was so excited. She thanked us and told us that the kids would love them. It was a simple service, but it made so many people happy: the volunteers, the receptionists, and the kids.

-Hanna Burgin


Available by email at servicedates@byu.edu
or at the phone numbers below:

Connor Halverson, Executive Director
(480) 295-2031
Tues. 1:00 PM-1:30 PM

Jessen Harbertson
(480) 548-0552

Van Seamons
(801) 824-8234

Kaitlyn Robinson
(410) 739-6896

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