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Community Action Food Bank

About Community Action Food Bank & Circles Utah Valley
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What is Community Action Food Bank?

Community Action Food Bank is a program designed to provide families with a temporary food supply when needed and to assist them in becoming more self-reliant. Volunteers are needed to restock shelves and help direct clients.

What is Circles Utah Valley?

The Circles Utah Valley Initiative teaches families how to overcome poverty through weekly classes and individualized support teams that empower them to set goals and make life changes. Y-Serve volunteers assist by greeting, serving, cleaning up from the dinner that is provided before the classes, and/or taking care of the children while the parents are in class. The children develop friendships with each other and the volunteers in a secure environment where they are provided with learning opportunities, routines, and activities. Come join us once a week for an opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of these families. Free dinner is provided each week for Childcare volunteers.

A more detailed explanation of the Circles Initiative can be found on their website, or in this video.

What is Utah Food Bank?

Utah Food Bank is an opportunity to make a difference for local community members through the schools. Volunteers will help to organize and distribute food for students and their families. Each month during the school year, a truck arrives at the school where staff and volunteers bag product about 30 minutes before school gets out. Then once the bell rings, volunteers will assist students and their parents as they sign in and take food home for their families. The amount of food distributed varies, yet it’s usually 15-18 lbs. of food. It’s about an 1- 1 ½ hour time commitment.

How do I get involved?

Community Action Food Bank:
For more information, contact the program directors at

Circles Utah Valley:
All activities are Tuesday evenings in Provo. To get involved, email

Utah Food Bank:
Activities are with Timpanogos Elementary School.
To get involved, email

Volunteer Commitment:

Community Action Food Bank:
Regular hours for the food bank are Monday-Thursday 8-4 PM or Friday 8-3 PM.

Circles Utah Valley:
Childcare Program: 5:45pm-8:00pm
-Develop relationships with families and children during the dinner hour.
-Help out with children’s classes by reading to and playing with children.
*Requires a one semester weekly commitment

Utah Food Bank:
Volunteers will serve at Timpanogos Elementary School
Arrival time: 2:00 PM - Distribution is from 3:05-3:45 PM
Location: 449 N 500 W, Provo, UT 84601
March 11th
April 15
May 13th

Dates and deliveries may be changed or canceled, in cases of extreme circumstances
*Early out- Distribution times may change and will be determined by school
!!= Indicates makeup dates due to holiday conflicts, can be adjusted further

Community Action Food Bank: No training required before volunteering with this program.
Circles Utah Valley:
1. Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with the children.
2. Background check may be required by Circles Utah Valley. Contact student leadership for more information.


Available by email at

Spencer Snow, Executive Director

(435) 632-0566

Audrey Welling

(907) 957-8855