Leader Resources


Leader Resources

Below are the resources we have available for all of our volunteer leaders.


Office Resources

To send a request to the graphic designer, photographer, or videographer, please click here.


You may also reach them at the following email addresses:

Marketing Specialist  cslmarketingspecialist@byu.edu

Graphic Designer  yservedesign@byu.edu

Photographer  yservephotographer@byu.edu

Videographer  yservevideo@byu.edu



Stats Submission Form (link)

Stats are due by the 10th of each month.

Remember to have your volunteers use the Y-Serve feature on the BYU app.


Office Hour Change Form (link)

Please use this link to record any changes to your office hours. 


Social Media Submission Form (link)

Want your program to get a post on our social media?

Fill out the form above to get featured on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Digital Signage Submission Form (link)

Want your ad shown on campus TVs?

Fill out the form to get your event/program featured on BYU campus slideshows!


Event Approval Request Form (link)

Student leaders must complete an Event Approval Request Form for Risk Management whenever the activity meets any of the conditions above, or when in doubt:

  • Includes anything that has inherent risk to the university or its students, faculty, staff, or the general public

  • Requires fire and life safety permitting

  • Requires dining services or catering approval

  • Involves contracts or agreements that require the university to indemnity other parties

  • Requires regulatory or code compliance; examples: fire dancers, fireworks, open flames, vehicle displays, catering, food trucks, animals on campus, tents, crowds of significant size, drone flights

Find more information on guidelines for events at https://risk.byu.edu/risk/eventsFAQ.php. Note that activities with minors (participants under the age of 18) must be approved. Risk Management usually requires a minimum of two weeks for this approval, although they may be able to reply sooner. Be prepared to provide dates, times, and contact info as well as a brief description of the event.


Marketing Guidebook


Leader Trainings

Effective Meetings (February 2017)



Here is a direct link to the van training. Please complete this before driving a university van!

If you plan on driving yourself in a personal vehicle, fill out this Risk Management form.

If you plan on riding in someone else's personal vehicle, fill out this Risk Management form.


Training Video

Click here to view video with audio description


Y-Train Modules (link)

Click on the link above then type in your net ID and password.

Type Y-Serve in the keywords search bar, then select the appropriate training.

After selecting your program, click "enroll."

After enrolling, click the link to go to the "Knowledge Center" and launch your courses.

Here is a direct link to the child protection training.