Service Leadership Record tutorial

Certified Service Record Tutorial

Please track your service hours through the Y-Serve app. To receive a summary of your submitted hours or to receive your official record, please contact Heidi Goodsell at, 801 422-4540, 2010 WSC.

    The Certified Service Record is an official document created by the Center for Service and Learning and endorsed by the Dean of Students. This record contains a summary of service hours, awards, and certificates and is offered to all BYU students who volunteer through the Center. Only hours submitted the semester of service can be verified. After logging a minimum of 10 service hours, the Service Leadership Record will be made available to you upon your request.

    Use the app to submit information for the Certified Service Record.

    Each time you serve with the Center for Service and Learning, you should record your service hours through the Y-Serve app.

    Service can only be verified and submitted for the semester in which it is reported. Program council members, Program Directors and Service Council Members may backdate service hours, but these will be verified by the Operations Supervisor and the Director.

    We’ll now show you how to report service hours.

(Submitting Service Hours)

    You can access the Y-Serve app through the BYU app. Find it under the "All Apps" Search. If you do not have a smart phone, or you would rather use a computer to log your hours, you can access the "app" by going to

    Select Log Service Hours

    Enter the amount of service, followed by the date.

    With the Center for Service and Learning, you can volunteer with a variety of programs. If you volunteer with more than one program, your must report service for each program separately through the app. You can only submit service for one program at a time.

    Below, select the position you held while completing the service. Volunteers should select BYU Student Volunteer. Students who serve on a committee with a program should select Committee Member. Students who are part of a program council, like BYU Tutoring Services, should select program council Member. Program Directors and Service Council members should select the appropriate position.

    We recommend that students serving in leadership positions report separately the time they spend serving their program as opposed to the time they spend volunteering with their program. For example, a Program Director of BYU Tutoring Services who is reporting time spent checking emails, recruiting volunteers, and other administrative responsibilities would select “Program Director” for those particular service hours. If that same program director also volunteered as a tutor with the program, they should report that separately by recording the program-specific hours through the app and selecting “Volunteer” as the position. If a program director volunteers for a program other than the one they administer, they would select “BYU Student Volunteer” for the service they render for that program. For example, a program director over BYU Tutoring Services could volunteer with Paint a Wish.

    Differentiating between the position held while serving, such as BYU Student Volunteer vs. Program Director, will provide more variety to your Service Leadership Record. If necessary, we can collapse or consolidate activities later if you feel it will look better for future opportunities.

    Under the program options, select the program you are reporting service for. If you are a Service Council member and are reporting hours for service council responsibilities, select Service Council.

    Next, describe your service. While the description should be brief, please be specific. If you tutored someone, please indicate the subjects for which you tutored. The description you provide will not be listed on the transcript, but it will be used to verify your service hours.

    All service hours are verified by the Center for Service and Learning. Hours you submit as a volunteer, committee member, or program council member are verified by Program Directors. Therefore, it is also important to make sure you are communicating with your program directors either by responding to emails or signing the role at specified activities so that they can verify your service. Hours submitted as a Program Director or Service Council member will be verified by the Operations Supervisor.

    Next, enter how many service hours you are reporting. Be sure to follow the format indicated.

    If you have another activity to enter, click “submit another response”. Next, we’ll show you how to submit an award.

(To receive a summary of your submitted hours or to receive your official record)

    Email Heidi Goodsell at, or contact her 801 422-4540, 2010 WSC.

    In your email, explain that you what an official service record. 

    Specify if you have recieved any additional Service Awards during your time at BYU. Be specific about the date you recieved the award. Heidi will then look in your record to confirm that you recieved the award. 

    It will take up to two weeks for the Service Record to be finished. Upon it's completion, Heidi will email you and you can come pick up your record in the 2010 WSC office.