Service Council

2016-2017 Service Council

Back Row, Left to Right: Chris Crippen, Marie Johnson, Katelyn Strobel, Xane Beckstead, Joshua Kelley, Kevin Ung, Josh Palmer, Brian Cheney, Tommy Tautkus. 
Front Row, Left to Right: Amanda Sanabria, Jazmyne Morrison, Molly Cannon, Alesha Hatch, Malorie Black, Natalie Schwendiman, Shelby Chadburn, Mikayla Burton.

  Sixteen students comprise the Service Council. These Council members have previously served as Program Directors and are responsible for training current Executive Directors and Program Directors in leadership skills and program administration. Each Service Council member oversees five or six of the Center’s 70 programs. The Service Council operates under the close supervision of the Center’s director who trains them in advanced leadership skills. Council members in turn train Program Directors, plan events, conduct regular stewardships, and plan and attend several student-leader retreats during the year.

   Service Council members must be enrolled as full-time students, have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at time of application and throughout the term of service, and abide by Center and university policies and procedures. They are expected to spend five to ten hours a week in administrative and planning activities, in directing service with their programs, and in office hours. They must be available during April, May, June and August, and at a specified time each week for stewardships, training, planning, and reflection.


Service Council applications are available in March. Please visit Chris Crippen in 2010 WSC.