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A female student speaks with an elderly woman in a wheelchair
What is _____?: 

What is Healing?

The Healing program seeks to match volunteers with community members who are struggling under the burden of mental illness. Volunteers work with all age groups to help them develop social and daily living skills. Click here to see available volunteer opportunities.


Program Directors: 

Program Directors

Devin Brooksby

(479) 358-6998


Michael Nemrow

(435) 229-1375


Tanner Johns

(425) 495-0019


Active Semesters

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How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

Attend a mandatory orientation meeting, which lasts about an hour (make sure to bring two forms of ID). You can choose to volunteer with one of 12 programs.

All orientation meetings are at 1:00 p.m. at the Wasatch Mental Health Building at 750 N Freedom Blvd. For orientation dates, click here. For questions, please contact the program directors at healing@byu.edu.




I have really enjoyed meeting the volunteers that serve with our program. BYU has many good students who want to do good and it's been uplifting to interview them for the program. The culmination of this was our reflection meeting, we had 2 volunteers come, which was honesly more than we were expecting. Everyone went around and shared thier experiences serving and the impact it has had on the 7 of us there; this is why I serve, so that BYU students can find the joy I do in serving.

-Devin Brooksby (2017)