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What is _____?: 

What is ACCESS?

ACCESS is a big brother/big sister program matching a male-female pair of volunteers to an at-risk child age 4-12. Activities may include helping with homework, playing games, or watching movies. Read stories from our mentors here, or check out our Facebook page here.


Volunteer Commitment: Volunteers meet one hour weekly with a monthly super-activity for all participants. Program runs Fall and Winter.


Program Directors: 

Program Directors

Claire Andrus

(509) 578-6607


Alyssa Crabb

(801) 227-4731


Elisa Martinez

(831) 207- 8898


Cade Johnson

(801) 574-5833


Calvin Clark

(614) 537-9297



Active Semesters

Fall   Winter


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How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

Complete this form and send it to or bring it into 2010 or 2330 WSC. You must also fill out a Background Check (bring your driver’s license or passport with you to 2010 or 2330 WSC).

If you would like more information or know of a child that would benefit from our program, please email us at

To read more, visit our Facebook page!

Already a mentor? Click here for more resources.



I feel that I am actually helping someone, and I know that I’m of value to him and he is of value to me. If I can make that kind of difference in the life of a kid, and it only requires one hour of my time a week, then imagine what can happen as I continue to be friends with him and his family.

–Austin Fausnaught (2014)