Anatomy Academy

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Young children stand around a student that is explaining the anatomy of a human skeleton.
What is _____?: 

What is Anatomy Academy?

Anatomy Academy is an outreach and research program aimed at combating childhood obesity, promoting healthy living and encouraging the pursuit of higher education through the teaching of anatomy and basic nutrition.


As an Anatomy Academy mentor, you will teach small groups of 6-8 students with a co-mentor at elementary schools (4th-6th grades). There are many different schools that participate here in Utah Valley and in Salt Lake.


No previous anatomy or teaching experience is needed - each week a lesson plan of basic anatomy, nutrition and activity ideas is provided. 


Volunteer Commitment: The time commitment is approximately 1.5-3 hrs/week, once a week for 7 consecutive weeks during Fall and Winter semesters. (Hours ultimately depend on your elementary school location.) Consistency for the kids is essential, so please plan on being present each week should you choose to participate.


Program Directors: 

Program Directors

Liesl Cardon

(801) 809-2898


Edward Yeates

(360) 941-0608


Jihoon Noh

(801) 699-7564


Allie King

(301) 672-3159


Emily Crow Miller

(716) 491-1997


Stephen Funk

(520) 370-3979


Victor Trevisanut

(360) 771-7654


Active Semesters

Fall   Winter


How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

For more information, please email, or contact the program director.

We do not run Spring/Summer, but we would love to recruit you for the Fall semester!




I understood that I am making a positive impact in their lives. Kids develop dreams in life at early ages, and I believe that Anatomy Academy helped them to cultivate dreams of being future nurses and physicians.

-Eric Hexem ( 2015)