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The nine student marketing team stand together for a picture.
What is _____?: 

What is Marketing Team?

The marketing team is the lifeblood of Y-Serve. We brand, promote, create and train to reach out to more students, faculty and community members to increase love and selfless service all over Utah County.

If you are a student that loves service, promoting great causes, and want to grow personally, then we need you!

We can help you make a difference in the lives of thousands of students while you rub shoulders with the best people, make lifelong (and eternal) friendships, gain killer resume-building experiences and skills, and some free stuff.

Click here to fill out the application now! There's so much to gain from serving with us.

Programs can contact the Marketing Team at for ideas!

Program Directors: 

Team Members

Kayci Nielsen

Marketing Director

(336) 604-4239


Lucia Cheney

Marketing Specialist

(385) 233-8303


Advertising Directors:

Jacob Hale

(801) 995-0783


Emme Pratt

(281) 624-7991


Dillon Hansen

(425) 949-2051


Alexander Jones

(480) 789-2375


Athletics Directors:

Sam Nielsen

(801) 664-0646


Events Directors:

Riley Hanson

(801) 885-6972


Tyler Budge

(801) 518-6750


Madison Seely

(262) 444-3130


External Marketing:

Grady Raines

(630) 649-8645

Monday 4:00-5:00 p.m.


Christy Swatling

(801) 850-4577


Megan Stonely

(817) 727-7015


Internal Marketing:

Ben Souza

(661) 917-6762


Michael Jenkins

(678) 294-9034


Colby William Ebert

(385) 368-7961


Erin Anderson

(214) 952-6327


Social Media:

Emily Walker

(425) 628-1537


Program Director needed. Apply here


Active Semesters

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How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

Applications are available online.

Download the file, fill it out on your computer, then save the completed file.

Email the completed application to

Please complete this mandatory 20 minute child protection training before you begin working with this program. 

Positions Available:

Athletics Executive Director

Faculty Outreach Executive Director 

Internal Marketing Executive Director

Events Program Director

Internal Marketing Program Director

Visual Media Program Director (Videographer)

Visual Media Program Director (Photographer)



Team Positions

Advertising coordinates campaigning schedules and creation and distribution of visual advertisements.

Jacob Hale (801) 995-0783
Emme Pratt (281) 624-7991
Alexandar Jones (480) 789-2375
Dillon Hansen (425) 949-2051

Athletics coordinates marketing efforts of Y-Serve with the marketing directors of BYU Athletics to promote Y-Serve at sporting events, including, but not limited to, half-time giveaways and recognition, pre and post game activities, and other creative integration.

Sam Nielsen (801) 664-0646

Events takes the lead in preparing for marketing events by coordinating with the Y-Serve office and the other programs to ensure events are well-planned and executed.

Madison Seely (262) 444-3130
Tyler Budge (801) 518-6750
Riley Hanson (801) 885-6972

External Marketing integrates service into class curricula & improves faculty correspondence and coordination with Y-Serve.

Christy Swatling (801) 850-4577
Megan Stonely (817) 727-7015
Grady Raines (630) 649-8645

Internal Marketing works to improve the marketing training for all of the individual 70 Y-Serve programs. They also act as a secretary for the marketing team in coordinating with the programs to help them better market and recruit for their individual programs.

Ben Souza           (661) 917-6762
Erin Anderson (214) 952-6327
Michael Jenkins (678) 294-9034
Colby Ebert (385) 368-7961

Social Media manages Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, video production, & other relations with media on campus.

Emily Walker (425) 628-1537




I love every piece of Y-Serve. The people here are so genuinely good and willing to help in whatever possible capacity. This has been one of my hardest semesters (and years!) but Y-Serve has always been a light. It will always feel like home because of the love of God and of others and for me. That's why I believe in the importance of marketing - I want as many students as possible to feel that love and strength that can keep anyone going through the hardest trial. I love seeing the light of service enter the people's faces and hearts as they learn and grow through first-time and long-term Y-Serve experiences.

-Lauren Holbrook (2017)