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Three students work in front of the Provo City Library with shovels.
What is _____?: 

What is Response?

Response provides a variety of service projects to community members who have specific needs. This program is ideal for volunteers who would like to serve with a small group of other volunteers. Visit our Facebook page here for more information!

Program Directors: 

Program Directors

Joseph Andrus

(208) 251-1160


Leanne Lor

(651) 755-8736


Marissa Johnson

​(385) 336-6123


Westin Cummings

(435) 817-5418



Program Director needed.

Apply here.


How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

To get involved, please contact the program director by phone or by email at


You can also check out this sign-up form or our facebook page to see the volunteer opportunities that are currently available.


Special Olympics Sign up:




While serving with Response, I've been able to respond last minute to an event and see the joy of the faces of those we were serving. I love Y-Serve and the great opportunity it gives me to focus on others for a little bit each semester. Each time I serve, I leave feeling happier and more full of energy than before. I now have a better opportunity to know what service can feel like and how to integrate service into my every day life.

-Zachary Dyer (2017)