Special Olympics Team

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A man gives a hi-five to a runner on a track
What is _____?: 

What is Special Olympics Team?

Volunteers serve as coaches and committee members to train individuals with intellectual disabilities in a variety of Olympic-type sports such as basketball, volleyball, bowling, track, soccer, and softball.



Program Directors: 

Program Directors

Annelise Toolson

Executive Director

(858) 354-9647 


Branden Maybin

(623) 723-5185 


Rachel Stanger

(208) 982-0059


Tailey Rowely

(864) 704-6911


Dru Turley

(801) 819-3111


Active Semesters

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How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

Contact the program directors by phone or email at specialolympicsteam@byu.edu.


Please complete this mandatory 20 minute child protection training before you begin working with this program.





This semester during bowling we had some new athletes and volunteers show up. It was amazing to watch the process of the volunteers learning from the athletes and experience the love the athletes bring to every situation. As time went on, it was clear that though the volunteers thought they would be serving, they left more filled and more happy than they knew they would from their interactions with the athletes.

-Elise Millward (2017)


Seeing the athletes light up as they interact with the volunteers is priceless. It is so impactful when the athletes themselves are so observant and take interest in my life! Many of them actually have a great memory, and will follow up with me to see how my test went or will ask how I'm feeling. It's neat to come prepared to serve them, but truly leave feeling that they have lifted me.

-Kimberly Crawford (2017)