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What is _____?: 

What is Community Action?

Community Action is a program designed to provide families with a temporary food supply when needed and to assist them in becoming more self-reliant. Volunteers are needed to sort canned goods, assemble food packages, help clients through the food pantry, and help the food bank staff prepare care packages.


We also help community members with their self-reliance classes and meetings through the Circles Initiative. This program helps families get out of poverty by providing classes and mentoring, care and mentoring for children during those meetings, and other services through its community teams. A more detailed explanation of the Circles Initiative can be found at its blog, Circles is a special opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of people who need it, and they have several service options for people with different amounts of time and commitment. Ask our program directors about specific opportunities to get involved.  


Program Directors: 

Program Director

Kyle Larsen

(801) 919-5546

Wed 12:00 PM-1:00 PM


Andrew Garrett

(408) 480-9952


Camryn Chamberlain

(512) 501-0464

Mon 1:30 PM-2:30 PM


Keith Burns 

(617) 916-3778

Fri 11:00 AM-12:00 PM


Marcus Lee 

(385) 424-5271


Peyton Ford 

(928) 899-3229

Fri 11:00 AM-12:00 PM


Active Semesters

Fall   Winter   Spring   Summer


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How do I get involved?: 

How do I get involved?

To get involved, please fill out this form. For more information, contact the program directors at


Regular hours for the food bank are Monday-Thursday 8-5pm or Friday 8-4pm.

If you would like to come with a group of more than five people during that time, please register here.

You also will need to register for a group to come between 6:30-8pm Monday-Thursday.


If working with the Circles program, please complete this mandatory 20 minute child protection training before you begin working with the children. 



One of the most memorable experiences I've had while serving at the Community Action Food Bank occurred toward the end of last Winter Semester together with a group of volunteers who had decided to come to the food bank with me that week. After our normal shift serving in the food bank, on our way out, we noticed a mother father and son who had just gone through the food bank, but looked stranded. They had no car and therefore no way of getting all of their food items home. In pure kindness and compassion, several of the volunteers in our group drove this family and all of their groceries home. On the way home, the volunteers also had a precious missionary opportunity, finding out that the mother was a less active member of the church and the father was not a member. They graciously accepted our invitation to meet with missionaries and start attending church. They were overwhelmed by and grateful for our service to them, both temporally and spiritually. They could feel of our sincere love for them and our pure desire to help. This experience has greatly touched me and stands as a powerful reminder of the true reason why we serve others. 

-Keith Burns (2018)