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Background Check Submission

Complete the form and follow the process

  1. Contact the Executive Director of the program for a short orientation before submitting the request form. (See the program page's Contact Info tab to find the program's email address and the ED's phone number.)
  2. Click here to access and submit the online Background Check Request and Approval form.
  3. Look for the email from Truescreen, and follow the link to the application on their website.
  4. Have the following information ready in order to complete your application:
    1. Your Social Security number
    2. Your addresses for the past 7 years

    Note: Select “No Permanent Residence” for the time of a mission, and include the beginning and ending dates of your service.

  5. Ensure that your application is complete and then click submit.
  6. Contact if you do not receive a response from Y-Serve within a week of submitting the request.