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Adopt a Grandparent

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What is Adopt a Grandparent?

The elderly are a vulnerable group within our society who, at times, are taken for granted. This might lead to solitude, confusion, and a general feeling of no longer belonging within a community.

Missio Malta and have partnered to pair senior citizens within our community with caring individuals who touch base regularly to keep the elderly feel loved and taken care of. In turn, the adoptees would get to enjoy the company and share stories from an older generation, creating meaningful, long-lasting friendships.

Help bring joy to the lives of our elderly by serving and visiting with local nursing home residents!


How do I get involved?


Volunteer Description: Volunteers are to care for and support their adoptees and visit them once a week.

Volunteer Commitment: Volunteers commit to 1-2 hours a week.

  • Provo Assisted Living Saturdays from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Cove Point Assisted Living Sundays from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Step 1:

Contact one of the program directors at You can also contact the program directors via text/call at their phone numbers (listed under the 'Contact Info' tab) to let them know if you're interested or planning to attend.

No Y-Serve training is required to volunteer with this program.


Volunteer Leader Description: There are two kinds of leadership positions: Executive Director and Program Director. A program only has one Executive Director, but multiple program directors. Leaders are generally responsible for overseeing recruitment, retention, and reflection with volunteers. They also coordinate service with community partners and ensure their program runs smoothly. Volunteer leaders may also share the responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in the Volunteer Description. For more information, visit our section called Be a Leader!

Volunteer Leader Commitment: In addition to volunteering, Volunteer leaders commit to a 1-hour monthly team meeting to discuss needs and make plans for the program.

Apply to become a leader by completing one of the applications below (if there are no applications, then this program is not accepting leaders at this time):


Available by email at 

Elijah Pettitt, Executive Director

(256) 808-7543

Ambrose Aggabao

(816) 888-1078

Jilian Bunderson

(314) 882-7422

Gracie Perkes

(208) 996-6856

Baird Reynolds

(816) 927-5947

Andrew Westwood

(435) 534-1993