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Community Rehabilitation Clinic

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What is Community Rehabilitation Clinic?

Community Rehabilitation Clinic

The Community Rehabilitation Clinic is a pro-bono physical therapy clinic located in Provo, Utah. Our specialists serve patients with the assistance of students from Rocky Mountain University, Brigham Young University, and Utah Valley University. The CRC serves individuals below the poverty line and provides them with an opportunity for treatment that otherwise might not be possible.

Medical Interpreting: Many of the patients we see at the clinic speak Spanish, but we have also had Russian-, Portuguese-, Haitian Creole-, and Mandarin-speaking patients. If you speak a foreign language and would like to join our on-call interpreter list, please fill out this form. The clinic personnel will reach out to you when we have a need for your language.

How do I get involved?


Volunteer Description: Volunteers work with patients in rehab by assisting doctors and using medical technology.

Medical Interpreting: Many of the patients we see at the clinic speak Spanish, but we have also had Russian-, Portuguese-, Haitian Creole-, and Mandarin-speaking patients. We would love to have you use your language so be sure to specify what language you speak on the application form!

Volunteer Preference: We have volunteers from a broad range of majors and class standings, but volunteers with experience with exercise, or those interested in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or medical fields are preferred.

Volunteer Commitment: Volunteers commit to a consistent weekly schedule of at least 1 hour per week. Hours are based on volunteer availability and preference, but it is recommended to plan your volunteering time for at least a 2-hour block to maximize your experience and the amount of help you can be to the clinic. Especially for Spanish interpretation, consistency is essential so the clinic can plan for how many interpreters will be needed.

Step 1:

If you're interested in volunteering, fill out this CRC Volunteer Application Form and an employee will contact you within a week for the next steps.

Training will be completed through the CRC once you begin volunteering.

If you have any questions, contact the clinic representative Dallin Boulter at


Volunteer Leader Description: There are two kinds of leadership positions: Executive Director and Program Director. A program only has one Executive Director, but multiple program directors. Leaders are generally responsible for overseeing recruitment, retention, and reflection with volunteers. They also coordinate service with community partners and ensure their program runs smoothly. Volunteer leaders may also share the responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in the Volunteer Description. For more information, visit our section called Be a Leader!

Volunteer Leader Commitment: In addition to volunteering, Volunteer leaders commit to a 1-hour monthly team meeting to discuss needs and make plans for the program.


Apply to become a leader by completing one of the applications below (if there are no applications, then this program is not accepting leaders at this time):


Available by email at

Braxton Kulbacki, Executive Director

(423) 327-5109
Office Hours: Monday 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Wednesday 12:00 PM -1:00 PM

Jonathan Brown

Gavin Murray

(208) 506-1691

Dallin Boulter

(801) 360-7241

Community Rehabilitation Clinic

587 S State Street
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 375-2059