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Creative Connections

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What is Creative Connections?

Creative Connections is an expressive art program to inspire children and teens throughout the community and within the juvenile justice system.

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The program is held at the Neighborhood Art Center-- a local art studio-- in the Provo Towne Center Mall. You do NOT need to be an artist to participate.

  • Juvenile Mentorship Art Class, Monday 9:00 am-10:30am
    • During this class, you have the opportunity to mentor teens (12-17) and encourage the development of life skills needed to reduce recidivism (tendency to release into criminal behavior) through fun weekly art projects. Spanish speakers are especially encouraged to join.
  • Drawing Club, Friday 3:00 pm-4:45pm
    • Students age 6+, Volunteers needed!
    • Volunteers will be a teacher’s assistant in helping the kids with their drawings.

How do I get involved?

To get involved, please email and sign up here!

Volunteer Commitment:

Volunteers are welcome to come to any of the following events as they have time to do so. Consistency is appreciated, but not required.

  • Juvenile Mentorship Art Class
    • Monday 9am-10:30am
  • Drawing Club
    • Friday 3pm-4:45pm


Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with this program.


Available by email at

Marissa Barraza, Executive Director

(919) 609-9245
Office Hour: Wednesdays 11:30-12:30 PM

Kendyll Ashton

Andrew Chandler

Emma Robinson