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Freshman Service Corps

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What is Freshman Service Corps?

It is one of the easiest ways for freshmen to get involved and make friends here at BYU! You’ll get the chance to work alongside other freshmen to help people of all ages and backgrounds here in Utah Valley. Not sure where you want to get involved or what you want to major in? Once a month we team up with another Y-Serve program to help you figure out what you enjoy doing so you can have more direction in your studies and your service.

Why should EVERY BYU Freshman join FSC?

  1. NO SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, OR SENIORS! You’ll be surrounded by cool, unmarried students who are also trying to figure out what to do with their lives.
  2. Perfect date activities.
  3. It’s incredible how much balance and happiness a few hours of service a month can bring to your busy, Freshman life.

How do I get involved?

Follow us on Instagram! @byufreshmanservicecorps
Join our email list! Contact us at to be added.
Questions? Shoot us a text!

Volunteer Commitment:

Events take place once a month. Feel free to come when you can!


Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with this program.


Available by email at

Ashley Wilson, Executive Director

(801) 319-6155

Sid Todd

(805) 543-8892

Ella Jenks

(832) 235-8783

Matthew Walker

(651) 400-0347

Ella Paligo

(615) 674-3380