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What is Friends for Sight?

The program has two kinds of opportunities for service:

1. Vision Screenings - Vision disorders are a prevalent disabling condition to individuals of all ages. However, with a simple test, screening participants can be alerted to potential vision problems that are preventable. However, many individuals lack the resources to seek out eye care for themselves and their family members. Working with state agencies, school nurses, health care providers and community groups, our volunteers help us to ensure that people of all ages and backgrounds have access to quality eye care. They also help to spread information about eye safety, threats to vision, and available community resources.

2. Eyeglass Sorting - Participate in service events for Charity Vision, an international organization, by sorting glasses that have been donated.


How do I get involved?


Vision Screenings

Volunteer Description: Volunteers learn to perform vision screenings at elementary schools.

Volunteer Commitment: Volunteers are expected to commit 20 hours per year - 10 hours per semester. (Fall and Winter Semesters are approximately 14 weeks each.)

Step 1:

Vision screenings are scheduled as needed, so if you're interested in volunteering, please contact us at and let us know if you would like to be trained so we can keep you updated about events.

Step 2:

A one-hour training is required since vision screenings are hands-on and involve the use of specialized equipment. Please complete this mandatory 25-minute Minor Protection Training online before you begin working with this program.

Charity Vision

Volunteer Description: Volunteers will sort and deconstruct glasses with a group.

Projects sorting donated eyeglasses will be held once in the Spring Term and once in the Summer Term. There are no steps required to volunteer. The next event will be on Thursday, July 11, 7:00 to 9:00 pm in WSC 3250.

Please contact with any questions about either opportunity.


Volunteer Leader Description: There are two kinds of leadership positions: Executive Director and Program Director. A program only has one Executive Director, but multiple program directors. Leaders are generally responsible for overseeing recruitment, retention, and reflection with volunteers. They also coordinate service with community partners and ensure their program runs smoothly. Volunteer leaders may also share the responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in the Volunteer Description. For more information, visit our section called Be a Leader!

Volunteer Leader Commitment: In addition to volunteering, Volunteer leaders commit to a 1-hour monthly team meeting to discuss needs and make plans for the program.


Apply to become a leader by completing one of the applications below (if there are no applications, then this program is not accepting leaders at this time):

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Available by email at

Jordan Harmon, Executive Director

(801) 722-9594

Bruklyn Cooper

(717) 386-3411

Ryan Cluff

(361) 283-3994