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What is Hospice?

People with less than six months of life left are in great need of comfort, love, and companionship. As a hospice volunteer, you will fulfill that role by showing them and their families Christ-like love through your service. As a hospice volunteer, you will have the opportunity to become a companion and friend to patients and help ease the process of dealing with terminal illnesses. Both you and your patients will be edified as you give meaningful, selfless service.

How do I get involved?


Volunteer Description: Volunteers will be matched with patients, tasked with embodying Christ-like love and providing companionship as they navigate terminal illnesses.

Volunteer Commitment: At least one hour per week for two semesters.

Step 1:

To get involved, contact the program directors at and express your interest!

Step 2:

Please complete this mandatory 25-minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with this program.

State training is required and provided for all volunteers.


Available by email at

Jackson Lewis, Executive Director

(801) 652-4874
Office: Wednesday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Lola Heninger

Josh Nielsen

(630) 881-1444

Tyler Thomas

(702) 701-6709

Jaxon Van Wagoner

(801) 889-6531