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Junior Nutrition Academy

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What is Junior Nutrition Academy?

The Junior Nutrition Academy (JNA) gives pre-dietetics students--and any other students with a passion for healthy living--the opportunity to teach fun, interactive nutrition lessons to children in the Provo School District during their lunch hour.

How do I get involved?

Volunteers will be accepted at the beginning of Fall and Winter Semesters. If you wish to join later in the semester, email us at or text one of the leaders for additional volunteer opportunities within the program. During the semester, we should respond to you within 2-3 days. We will reply to emails received during Spring and Summer Terms toward the beginning of Fall Semester.

Volunteer Commitment:

Volunteers who join JNA must commit to at least one semester of teaching. Lessons are taught for 8 weeks beginning in the second month of each semester.


Please complete this mandatory 25-minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with the children.


Available by email at

Gracie Houston, Executive Director

(406) 880-3165

Joanna Blood

(304) 206-1039

Mariana Penaranda

Katie Perry

(541) 805-4897

Lauren Weaver

(801) 376-8791