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Kids on the Move

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What is Kids on the Move?

Kids on the Move: This program offers volunteers an opportunity to interact with children, both with and without special needs, in a playful environment while parents attend classes to learn more about meeting the needs of the children. Volunteers ensure that the children are safe and having a positive and enjoyable experience.

Kids Respite Care: Students care for children with disabilities on Friday evenings to allow their parents to have a break. Volunteers are assigned to a specific child.

How do I get involved?

Contact the program directors at for questions or details. Sign up on

Volunteer Commitment:

We send out emails to our volunteers to let them know what day we will be volunteering that month. Feel free to come whenever you can! If you are interested in volunteering more than the following times, check out for a complete schedule. If you do not have a means of transportation to go to Kids on the Move, please email us at

Volunteers are needed for Kids Respite Care on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00-9:30 PM.


Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with the children.


Available by email at

Claire Growald, Executive Director

(817) 739-8555

Dmitry Artemyev

(713) 303-3994

Ashley Fonger

(775) 388-1858

Victoria Schreiber

(810) 969-3052