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What is Language Interpreters?

Help Spanish-speaking residents assimilate into the community by providing interpretation in a variety of settings. As a program, we are committed to helping our volunteers find opportunities that provide genuine connections to the Latino community in and around Provo. You must be able to speak English and Spanish confidently.

Our program primarily volunteers with nearby elementary schools, clinics, and the food bank. We also help United Way to teach computer training courses. Below is a short description of each of the opportunities:


For many of the students and parents in the Provo School District, English isn’t their first language. Schools request interpretation for events such as Parent Teacher Conferences and Back to School Nights. If you’re interested in volunteering at school events, contact and ask to be added to the email list. You will receive updates about upcoming events, and you can sign up for whichever ones you are able to attend.


The Maliheh Clinic located in SLC is a great place to gain exposure to the medical field while also providing interpretation services. The clinic offers specialized training on medical terminology and protocols. Interpreters here provide a great service by allowing individuals to communicate with health care professionals so they can receive the care they need. Volunteers are asked to sign up for at least two shifts a month after completing the volunteer application. BYU students can travel for free to the clinic using the Frontrunner and UTA systems.

Computer Classes

BYU Language Interpreters has partnered with United Way to teach basic computers skills to Hispanic adults in the Provo area. No special computer knowledge is required to volunteer. This weekly class lasts one hour and is a great way to utilize your Spanish and help the local community. The content of this course is very basic. It includes items such as creating an email and uploading documents, pictures, etc. If you have the technology skills of an average college student, you are qualified to instruct this class. Courses begin near the start of each semester.

Food Bank

The Community Action Food Bank, located in Provo, is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and accepts volunteers wanting to sign up for single or recurring shifts. Interpretation at this organization is limited, and most work done there involves simple communication to help people select food items.

How do I get involved?

Please fill out this form and you will receive our email updates! After filling out the form, please contact the director of the program you wish to serve with to find out more details.

Volunteer Commitment:

Please contact the Executive Director for more information about the commitment that will be expected for each location.


Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with this program.


Available by email at

Brian Elison, Executive Director

(208) 541-6286
Office Hour: Mondays 12:30-1:30 P.M.

Chase Renstrom, Spanish Interpretation

(801) 808-6321

Mitchell Widdison, Spanish Interpretation

(385) 492-8117

Ethan Baker, Program Secretary

Bartel Van Oostendorp, Portuguese Interpretation


McKay Renstrom

(801) 200-0734
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