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Project Uplift

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What is Project Uplift?

Project Uplift

Volunteers in Project Uplift help to uplift the spirits of veterans, wounded heroes, service members overseas, and first responders. Volunteers do this through participating in activities such as writing uplifting letters and participating in other activities that assist our country's armed forces and first responders.


How do I get involved?


Service Projects at the Bennion Home

  • Saturday, May 4th, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Moving Garden Rocks)
  • Wednesday, May 8th, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Moving Garden Rocks)
  • Friday, May 24th, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Planting)
  • Saturday, May 25th, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Planting)
  • Sunday, May 26th, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Planting)


Volunteer Description: Volunteers participate in activities such as writing uplifting letters, playing bingo, and community service in order to serve our country's armed forces and first responders

Volunteer Commitment: No set commitment is required to participate in Project Uplift.

Step 1:

To get involved, choose an activity that interests you below and contact the program directors by phone or by email at

Bingo at the Bennion Veteran's Home in Payson

  • Every Saturday morning, the Bennion Home holds a fun game of Bingo for the Vets. Help with bringing Vets to and from the game as well as playing it with them is appreciated!
  • We meet at the Jamba Juice in the Wilkinson Center Saturday mornings and leave to carpool to the Bennion home around 9:45 am. Bingo starts at the home at 10:30 am and goes until about 11:30-11:45 am. If you come and carpool, expect to be back at the Wilkinson Center around 12:15-12:30 pm.
  • We are looking for about 5-10 volunteers every week. Here is a link to sign up!

Letter Writing Booths for students on campus

  • In the Y-Serve office in the Wilkinson Center, we have a booth where you can stop by and write letters of appreciation for Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members for their sacrifice and devotion to our country! We also run booths around campus and the community during special events where letter writing will be available as well.
  • If you would like to have us set up a booth for one of your activities, send us an email and we would love to come!

Step 2:

No training is required to volunteer with Project Uplift, however, if you would like to volunteer with us at the Bennion Home, let us know and we will have you fill out a waiver.

If you are interested in participating in these activities or others, please send us an email at and we can get you started!


Volunteer Leader Description: There are two kinds of leadership positions: Executive Director and Program Director. A program only has one Executive Director, but multiple program directors. Leaders have the general responsibility of overseeing recruitment, retention, and reflection with volunteers. They also coordinate service with community partners and ensure their program runs smoothly. Volunteer leaders may also share the responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in the Volunteer Description. For more information on the responsibilities, visit our section on Leadership Opportunities!

Volunteer Leader Commitment: Volunteer Leaders have a monthly 1-hour team meeting to discuss needs and make plans for the program.

Step 1:

Apply to become a leader by completing one of the applications below:

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Available by Email

Kylee Lambson, Executive Director

(208) 705-1705

Chase Black

(714) 853-4862