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What is ACCESS?

ACCESS is a transformative big brother/big sister program that pairs a male-female team of dedicated volunteers with an at-risk child aged between 5 and 11. This unique approach ensures a balanced and supportive environment where children receive the guidance and companionship they need. Volunteers engage in a variety of enriching activities, including assisting with homework, crafting, and playing games, all designed to foster the child’s academic, creative, and social development. By providing consistent mentorship and positive role models, ACCESS aims to make a meaningful impact on each child's life, helping them build confidence and resilience. For a glimpse into our vibrant community and the activities we offer, check out our Instagram page here!


How do I get involved?


Volunteer Description: Volunteers plan weekly activities for the children they mentor. These activities are focused on building meaningful relationships with the child while setting a loving example. In addition, there will be monthly super-activities where all participants come together to enjoy fun activities and make memories.

Volunteer Commitment: Volunteers should be able to commit to two semesters. Hours and days vary depending on the schedule of the volunteer and child. Expect an average of 1-hour of service a week. If you don't believe you will fulfill the commitment, but still would like to volunteer, email us at

Step 1:

Begin by completing our volunteer application form here.

Step 2:

Complete the following training and steps below.

  1. Fill out a Background Check request form using this link. Honor Code standing will also be checked. Please only fill out a background check request form if you are committed to serving for at least one semester.
  2. Please complete this mandatory 25-minute Minor Protection Training.
  3. Email and let us know that you've completed the application and training so we can set up a meeting.

Know a child who would benefit from the program?

If you'd like more information or know of a child who would benefit from our program, please email us at


Available by email at

Narissa Ungrangsee, Executive Director

(385) 500-8907

Hailee Cox

(480) 338-0386

Megan Munger

(801) 635-7865

Logann Smith

(208) 890-2096