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What is the Marketing Team?

The Marketing Team is the lifeblood of Y-Serve. We brand, promote, create and train our team to reach out to students, faculty and community members all over campus and Utah County in order to increase love and selfless service. We can help you make a difference in the lives of thousands of students while you rub shoulders with the best people, make lifelong (and eternal) friendships, gain killer resume-building experiences and skills, and get some free stuff. If you are a student who loves service, promoting great causes, and want to grow personally, then we need you!

The Marketing Team consists of five committees:

  • Special Events: Interested in planning the first-ever Utah College Day Of Service? Prepare and execute a full marketing strategy for a statewide day of service for colleges across Utah. This team is tasked with running social media accounts, marketing to the BYU student body as well as student bodies across Utah, and working with JustServe and Show Up Utah.
  • Strategy: Interested in data analytics and marketing strategy? Strategy is responsible for collecting data in order to advise programs and the Center for Service and Learning (Y-Serve) on the adjustment of marketing strategies and campaigns. They develop a marketing strategy for Y-Serve and oversee each program in developing a program marketing strategy.
  • Public Relations/Events: Love working with people and connecting with students? The PR team is responsible for maintaining contacts with each college, department, and campus organization. They are also responsible for hosting and/or attending promotional events.
  • Creative: Passionate about graphic design and learning the Adobe Suite? Creative integrates current student employees and volunteers to expand the capabilities of the Graphic Designer, Photographer and Videographer roles. Student employees will oversee volunteers who assist them in providing professional marketing resources for each program and Y-Serve in general.
  • Social Media: Curious about social media strategy and design? The Social Media team is tasked with posting and managing content on social media channels. They oversee program pages and work with the Strategy Team in assisting programs in social media strategy.

How do I get involved?

If you are ready to fulfill the responsibilities and meet the qualifications listed below, please apply to be part of one of the five Marketing Team committees - special event (Utah College Day of Service), strategy, public relations/events, creative, or social media by clicking here.


Special Event: Y-Serve has the very unique opportunity to prepare and execute a full marketing strategy for the Utah College Day of Service, a statewide event for college students. If you're interested in helping out only with this event, please let us know on your application. Responsibilities will include:

  • Preparing content for and helping to manage a social media page.
  • Preparing a comprehensive marketing strategy including a media kit.
  • Coordinating with BYU and Y-Serve leadership.
  • Coordinating with leadership from other schools across the state.

This is an amazing and exciting opportunity to get great marketing experience and to make a huge impact on students across Utah. We hope you'll apply!


  • Marketing Y-Serve to the BYU Student Body.
  • Supporting 250+ program directors by consulting them in advertising and marketing techniques for their individual programs.
  • Specializing in a specific area (strategy, public relations/events, creative, or social media) and combining efforts with the rest of the team to plan and coordinate outlined events.
  • Leading, recruiting, motivating, directing, and inspiring students to serve.
  • Abiding by and supporting the policies and procedures of BYU and Y-Serve.
  • Committing approximately 3-5 hours per week (including weekly coordination meetings) to completing the responsibilities listed and others, as assigned.


  • Enrollment: Every applicant must be a continuing student (enrolled as a full-time student Fall/Winter) at the time of application and during their time as a Marketing Team Member.
  • Academic: Applicants must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Honor Code and Dress Code: All applicants must be cleared through an Honor Code check and commit to support and uphold the University’s Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards.

Volunteer Commitment

Volunteers will need to dedicate 3-5 hours weekly to the Marketing Team.


Please complete this mandatory 25 minute Minor Protection Training before you begin working with this program.


Available by email at

Manny Mazariegos, Marketing Manager

(515) 723-4896

Laurel Williams, Graphic Designer

(801) 361-6239

Andrew Jensen, Photographer

(208) 230-4522

Rachel Hopkins, Videographer

(817) 716-0104

Emma Moore, Public Relations Executive Director

(629) 333-6503

Caleb Siebach, Strategy Executive Director

(302) 698-7773

Ashley Okeson, Strategy Executive Director

Andra Lau, Social Media Executive Director

(208) 697-4655